Sam'a Dance [Mind, Body, Soul]


Mind Body, and Soul (from the Sama’a Dance series)
Rotating plexi sheets, 140x140 cm

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Mind, Body and Soul is a part of Sama’a Dance series that’s about harmony between paradoxes.
The artist calculated the numeric value of the words Mind, Body and Soul that are the main elements in human to create balance.
Mind: 200
Body: 67
Soul: 214
the work is and overlap of three layers, each layer is a number of concentric circles equivalent of the word’s numeric value that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise resembling a harmony in between the elements similar to cosmos.

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No discussion about Islamic art and spirituality can be completed without taking into account the importance of music. The qawwalis (or Sama‘) dance, which is a vocal musical performance of sufi poetry with instrumental accompaniment, generates ontogenetic plenitude and a blissful, ineffable and inscrutable state of spiritual enlightenment. The spiritual states evoked by classical music are closely related to the spiritual states (ahwal) of the Sufis, and through Sufi tradition to the spirit of the Holy Scripture (The Quran).

The dance’s repetitive nature is both transcendent and spiritual, thereby losing its material essence. This dance is critical in the artist’s understanding of Islamic sacred arts (Geometric Motifs, calligraphy, and Arabesque) and their representation of our con- ditions as humans (Repetition, Balance, Symmetry, Compatibility). This series explores the paradoxes that exist in our being: love and hate, mortal and immortal. It tries to find a place where they coexist not contradict, through the exploration of different methods of visualsing text and literature.