Last Seen [Qais & Laila]


Qais & Laila (from Last Seen... series)
Silkscreen print and pencil on fabiano, 152x112 cm
Edition of 3

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An encoded message between two prolific figures in Persian litera- ture: Qays and Layla. The story of forbidden love became popular in Persian literature in the 12th century, with many adaptations throughout history.
ماذا عسى عهدك أن يغير ما قد كان وما صار
قد حكم الدهر عليه بحبك كما حكمت ببعدك عني الأقدار
خذ قلبي عونا لفدقتنا والروح تحرسك والأجفان
سيسكن قلبك صدري كما سكن حبك العقل والبنان

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The work is an encoded conversations that took place between two characters in literature, the artist encoded to further add a layer of secrecy to the illicit relationship. She immortalizes the story once again by suggesting that even today, their love would still be forbidden; that the two would only experience stolen moments, and encrypted whispered feelings.

The code to create the language was formed by dissecting an Islamic geometric star. The work is an attempt to begin a conversa- tion on censorship, prohibition of the most basic human rights and need, such as love, by those whom misinterpret and abuse religion.