Sidana [1-2-3]


Acrylic and white marker on plexiglass, 120 x 90 cm

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The pattern in Islamic art resembles an endless sea of geometric shapes, with no core beginning, and no end. Although the impression of infinity is true, as the pattern can go on forever, the impression of no starting point is not. It is but an illusion, for all creation has a beginning, even our infinitesimal universe.

This idea led me on a journey of self-exploration; to question how we can separate who we truly are at the core, from who we have been shaped to be? Once stripped of all the trappings of life; our history, education, culture, experiences, what is left? These ‘ornaments’ build continuously with our every waking hour, as a pattern can spread continuously, but we must remember that there is always a core, a starting point, the purest state in which God made us and delivered us into this world. I believe that from the moment we are born, we spend the rest of our lives searching for this purest self, a search disguised as all of our relentless attempts to be happy, but all we are really doing is trying to find ourselves.