The Journey in Creatures by God

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(The journey in the plurality of the creatures with the consideration that God’s unity penetrates in this plurality, and the observation of how the creatures return to God)

Carrom is traditionally an Indian board game, the traditional design of a carrom board has a compass in the middle where the seeds are arranged to be hit by the striker by flicking it.
I have redesigned the board in wood veneer, first to fit within the proportion of the moon (represented by the compass in the centre) to the earth (represented by the whole board); and second, by using maps of the ocean from Piri Reis’s 16th century manuscript ‘Book of Navigation’. In this, he mapped all the places he explored, as well as explaining in a poetic language the knowledge and tools that a sailor needs when he’s in the heart of the ocean. The game of Carrom requires understanding angles, motion, distance and tactics, things that you need to learn while travelling across seas, a journey that has been used as a symbol for self- discovery in much literature.

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The limits to our existence are a lot less than we are made to think by modern society which evaluates a person by the quality and quantity of the objects they own. My starting point was Mulla Sadra’s book "The Four Journeys" (al-Asfar al-arba’a), in which he speaks about Universal Man (al-Insan al-Kamil), and the journey of each one of us returning to the essence. This book has been one of the main inspirations for this series along with other writings such as the books of Rene Guenon including ‘Universal Symbols of Sacred Science’ (translated into Arabic).
Asfar is the plural form of safar meaning journey in Arabic, Sadr al-Din Shirazi intended the scheme of his book to match the four journeys considered by Islamic mystics, framed by:
1- The part on general issues (existence and its manifestations).
2- The part on natural philosophy (substances and accidents).
3- The part on proper theology.
4- The part on the soul, its origin and its resurrection.

The four journeys are as follows:
1- The journey from creatures to God.
2- The journey in God by God.
3- The journey from God to creatures by God.
4- The Journey in the creatures by God.